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I'm Mandy, transgender, slim, sexy, well-dressed, - I perform, make art, (and men excited). I'm based in Liverpool but travel widely. I've been "round the world in drag". I'd like to connect with men who might be lovers, artistic accomplices or just admirers. Also "sisters" in art. I love going out and am up for all sorts of adventures. As for my kind of sex, you'll just have to get in touch to find out....!

My preferred men are interested in the whole woman, and open-minded, generous, tolerant and imaginative. They protect but take risks and are honest about their feelings. They will probably be gay but maybe bi or really adventurous straights. They will not have loads of other agendas like previous or parallel relationships. They will be uncertain about full commitment but ready to consider it. they will care about their appearance and value style highly. Their looks will intrigue and fascinate and communicate self-confidence. Choosy bitch, aren' t I?

The Pictures in this Gallery show off aspects of my life. Sometimes Im Out And About in clubs and at other social occasions. Sometimes Im "Dressing Up, and trying out my great collection of clothes, some of them made specially for me. At other times Im with Friends just having a good time. Then there are the pictures Ive had taken as Pin-ups in various photo-shoots. And I have many Looks which you can sample from the set Ive included here. There are many more where they came from, believe me.!

If you want to know any more about me youll have to get in touch. I hope you will.

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