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I have created many works to be performed in, or seen from, the streets.


“TVJB” – performance installation
The audience encounters a TV screen and CD player in a neutral public space. They are invited to choose music from the CD (as with a Juke-Box) and onscreen Mandy performs to the chosen music while they watch their choice. They can also go to the performance space and view the performance live (but not affect it).
In the Spring of 2005 I took “TVJB” to Barcelona and performed it on the Ramblas. Now I want to work on a “Global TVJB” for locations wherever I travel.
Hold Me
When in Amsterdam I bought a vibrator and red bondage rope from one of the city’s best-appointed sex-shops in the “red-light district” and attached them to my (not-so) private parts, and one night walked those streets inviting passers-by to “hold me” and have their photograph taken with me. The results of that action, together with the reflections of my photographer and assistant, Jochen and Marit, will be combined into a presentation for public consumption in the near future.

The Hazard Festival

- Manchester - 6th/7th/ July 2007

The Torn Dress on Saturday 7 July at
Urban Outfitters, on Market Street in Manchester was brilliant - the burleque girls and I stopped the sunshine street for a while. If you want a copy of the "torn" poem get in touch. Maybe sometime soon I'll put it up on my myspace blog......

(Thanks, Kit, for your help!)

Friday, 6 July - the journey from Cathedral Gardens to Sackville Park, was nice too. Arcadia was present for a while. To all those I met - Hi! and I hope the book has been good for you.
We all need to get back to The Garden!

The Handbook, "The Garden Is Everywhere",
with strategies and ideas to help people find The Garden even in the most unpromising of urban locations, is available, but only in person. If you want to arrange a meeting with me to receive your free copy of the book, get in touch.

And watch out for another "Hazard" this year.For details - keep checking,-

Myspace Site

A lot of my Chinaworks were street-works. Have a look here!

Copenhagen - May 2008

When In Copenhagen for my performance visit in May 2008 I carried out the action I'd first offered at the Hazard Festival in Manchester in 2007 - "The Garden Is Everywhere". I walked a route through the City Centre following the directions in my book "The Garden Is Everywhere" and talking to people to whom I offered a copy of the book. In Copenhagen people were very open to greeting and receiving a copy of the book. The day was sunny and breezy and the route took me through some of Copenhagen's actual gardens.

For more of my Copenhagen work see here

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