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I am always happy to accept an invitation to perform onstage or in a regular performance space. Here are some of the places where I've performed and some of the performances which I've offered.
“A Made-Up Life” – Performance with multi-media

Mandy sits at her dressing-table and tells the audience about her life. She makes-up a different Life each time she performs, and sometimes more than one life in a sitting, breaking off to involve the audience in “Mandy’s Make-up Tips”, and “Making Up With Mandy”.

A new 25-minuteversion of "A Made-Up Life" was premiered at the Emergency platform for Live Art work at the Manchester Grren Room. Very different in style and content it involves Mandy in relating four short made-up lives, and the piece involves Mandy lip-synching to her own voice, original texts, and the influence of Kabuki Theatre.

"The Potting Shed" - Cabaret - on the "Fitzcarraldo", Walk The Plank's ship in Liverpool Docks
I have performed many times as part of the "Potting Shed" cabarets and will be hosting my own night in 2008. For details see here
Transfabulous Festival - London 2007
I performed twice at the lovely Transfabulous Festival - once as part of an Installation based on "the Mandayana" (See Bluecoat Works) and once a solo Impro. They may have lost their money since - if so, I shall be sorry because it's a very special event for trans artists. I was lucky enough to be there the same year as the legendary Kate Bornstein!

Since I trained to do Impro performance with Andrew Morrish in 2005 I have been giving improvised performances wherever and whenever. The last time was in Weimar where I performed with Alex Decoupigny at one of the city's art galleries. Alex and I together improvise, he music with his lap-top and programming and effects, me with my body, transexual manipulations and personality. We work well together. If you want to book us get in touch.

Impro, by the way, means going out onstage not knowing what you're going to do - and then doing it!

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